Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from Colorado

I'm normally only capable of having one conversation at a time. By that, I don't mean that I can only keep track of one conversation at a party, or something like that. I mean that for extended chunks of time, there's often only one thing I'm really interested in talking about. Up to last Friday, that conversation often went along the lines of, "So, did you know I'm going to Boulder?" Well, I'm back now, so the only conversation I've been having recently starts out, "So, did you know I went to Boulder?"

It's true, I did go to Boulder, and it's also true that it's fantastic. As  I mentioned before, I was visiting my friend David (he's really the only friend I've mentioned, so it's fair if you assume that he's the only friend I have), who was kind enough to put me up here:
Available where all Mattel toys are sold. Assembly not included.
This was very kind of him, especially considering he had to kick his parents out of their room to do it.

The hiking portion of the trip began with a warning: If you are attacked by a mountain lion, don't quit!
I would never quit on a Mountain Lion without giving my two weeks notice.
For other pictures from the trip, I'd refer you to the album where I've uploaded them all here. Unfortunately, my photography skills never really advanced past the stage I was at when my parents let me twist the dial on disposable cameras to advance the film and then took them away from me so that I wouldn't take blurry pictures up my nose (this will hopefully change soon). What I'm trying to say is, don't expect any artistic value or much story-telling merit from my pictures.

What I really noticed about the area (besides the fact that it is stunningly beautiful) is that people there are generally happier than what I'm accustomed to. I'm not trying to say that no one in New York City is happy, or that my college friends are all depressed (they probably just act that way when I'm around to make me not  want to spend time with them... once I'm gone they're all fun and games), but people have a different attitude out there. Those that I met there sincerely love where they are, and many rearranged their lives to be able to live there. For example, David introduced me to Karen, a new friend of his who had moved to the same town  David lives in just two weeks ago. She came with a car full of stuff (one of the things was a telescope, which was awesome), not knowing anyone, but confident she would find friends and be happy there. And so far, so good. Deep down, I'm a little jealous. I really respect her for being so confident and making the decision to do what makes her happy, even if the path isn't sure, and I wish her the best of luck.

And lastly, I'd like to show you that just because you can't hold something in your hands doesn't mean you
can't still express confusion.

How the heck am I supposed to get up there?


  1. That's not true about your friends! The girl on the street corner in Boulder seemed to love you!

    Anyway, awesome having you in Nederland this weekend. The telescope assembly was possibly the most impressive thing I have ever seen. Trust me on that assessment, I am very worldly. I mean, I have seen plenty of gladiator movies, often while in a Turkish prison.

  2. I JUST CANT QUIT YOU mountain lion

  3. I have a friend in Boulder and she says its like a lego town. Cept the people aren't yellow.