Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pre-Trip Excitement

As everyone who has been anywhere near me (friends, coworkers, my religious twitter followers, people silly enough to sit near me on the bus) during these past two weeks knows, I'm going to visit my good friend David out in Boulder Colorado this coming weekend. Of course, I tell him I'm excited to see him, but there's more to my apparent happiness than just the prospect of seeing a great friend. I'm also hoping he'll feed me. David and I have had our differences about onions and whether or not they should be the primary (or only) ingredient in any recipe, but he's a pretty good cook, as long as you hide the onions from him in advance. And honestly, anything is better than what I have laid out to eat for the following week.

My meal options: Sugar, Mushrooms, Peanut Butter, ICBINB Light, and Lemon Juice.
Please suggest appealing combinations.

Really though, I'm looking forwards to the chance to get out of New York City for a bit. I've always found that it's good to clear my mind from time to time by rusticating myself. The city has a way of building up stress that no amount of traditional medicine can get rid of. I've found that a getting a few days outdoors always makes me a happier person. I think of it like a prozac alternative whose side effects include, but are not limited to, mild allergies, sunburn, hypothermia, and depending on how long treatment lasts, a beard.

Another good reason to look forwards to escaping travelling out of the city is that it is a dangerous place to live. On that note, I'm looking for a stunt double to help me document the dangers of the city. If you look like me and are fearless, preferably indestructible (or at the very least, lack common sense) and dedicated to warning people of the dangers, and occasionally, some of the joys, of living in New York City, talk to me. You'll recognize me because I'll be the one talking about how excited I am to be going to Colorado.

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